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Academy members: You have been pre-registered to use the Academy Evidence Analysis Library; no additional registration is necessary.  Below are instructions for signing in if you are an Academy member.

  • Please go first to and sign in as an Academy member. 
  • Then, click on the link to the Evidence Analysis Library in the menu bar on the Academy Member Section.
  • After you have done this, you will be able to sign in on the EAL® on your next visit to the site using your Acdemy member ID as the username and your password in order to have access to all of the content available on the EAL. 


Non-Academy members: You will have limited access to part of the content of the EAL.
If you are not yet a registered user on the Academy Evidence Analysis Library, please take a moment to register by filling in the form on the left-hand side of this page.  Leave the "authorization code" field blank unless you have been sent an authorization code for a particular group.

If you have questions, contact Academy Staff. 

Subscriptions Available: Weekly ($28/wk), Annual ($400/yr), and Group Rates

Non-Academy members may purchase a subscription to access all of the content on the Academy Evidence Analysis Library. Click here for more information.

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