Nutrition Assessment
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Nutrition Care Process

Step 1: Nutrition Assessment

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly American Dietetic Association)'s nutrition care process for the profession has four steps - (1) nutrition assessment, (2) nutrition diagnosis, (3) nutrition intervention, and (4) nutrition monitoring and evaluation.

Nutrition Assessment is the first of four steps in the Nutrition Care Process. It is a method of obtaining, verifying and interpreting data needed to identify nutrition-related problems, their causes, and significance. It is an ongoing, nonlinear, dynamic process that involves initital data collection, but also continual reassessment and analysis of the patient/client's status compared to specificed criteria. While the type of data may vary among nutrition settings, the process and intention are the same. When possible, the assessment data is compared to reliable norms and standards for evaluation. Further, nutrition assessment initiates the data collection process that is continued throughout the nutrition care process and forms the foundation for reassessment and reanalysis of the data in Nutrition Monitoring and Evaluation. (Step 4)

The Assessing Energy Expenditure: Measurement versus Estimation evidence analysis project is currently included in this Nutrition Assessment section of the Evidence Analysis Library.

The Health Disparities: Nutrition Assessment evidence analysis project is also included in this section of the EAL.


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