Nutrition Care Process

Step 2: Nutrition Diagnosis

The Academy's nutrition care process for the profession has four steps - (1) nutrition assessment, (2) nutrition diagnosis, (3) nutrition intervention, and (4) nutrition monitoring and evaluation.

Nutrition Diagnosis is a critical step between nutrition assessment and nutrition intervention. A nutrition diagnosis identifes and labels a specific nutrition problem that dietetics professionals are responsible for treating independently. It is this step in the nutrition care process that results in the nutrition diagnosis statement or PES statement composed of three distinct components: Problem, Etiology, and Signs or Symptoms.

The Academy has identified and defined nutrition diagnoses/ problems for the profession of dietetics. This standardized language of nutrition diagnoses/ problems is an integral component in the Nutrition Care Process, a process designed to improve the consistency and quality of individualized patient/client care and the predictability of the patient/client outcomes.

Click to view the Nutrition Diagnosis Domains and Classes from the framework developed by the Academy's Nutrition Care Process/Standardized Language Committee which categorized nutrition diagnoses/problems within three domains: Clinical, Intake, and Behavioral-Environmental.

Evidence analysis projects related to Nutrition Diagnosis will be included in this section of the library. No projects are currently ongoing.


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