Celiac Disease
  Executive Summary

Celiac Disease Evidence-Based Nutrition Practice Guideline

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Organization of the Guideline
This guideline is designed so that you can access key information quickly and easily. The information is organized into the following categories: Introduction, Major Recommendations, Algorithms, Background Information and Reference List.

Definitions and Abbreviations
Throughout the guideline there is some terminology that is underlined. When placing your mouse arrow over these underlined words, a text box will appear that will provide the definition of the word or the full terminology for abbreviated words. This additional information is a web-based feature and will not appear in a printed version of the guideline.

Printing Guideline Materials
Each page of the guideline has several options for printing at the top right corner of the page. You may also print entire sections of the guideline (i.e. Introduction, Recommendations, Algorithms) under Print Reports.

General Information and Disclaimer
This nutrition practice guideline is meant to serve as a general framework for handling clients with particular health problems. It may not always be appropriate to use these nutrition practice guidelines to manage clients because individual circumstances may vary. For example, different treatments may be appropriate for clients who are severely ill or who have co-morbid, socioeconomic, or other complicating conditions. The independent skill and judgment of the health care provider must always dictate treatment decisions. These nutrition practice guidelines are provided with the express understanding that they do not establish or specify particular standards of care, whether legal, medical, or other.

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